UK: Don’t Decriminalise Torture

  Urgent: In its current form, the UK’s Overseas Operations Bill will effectively decriminalise torture.

The UK Government wants to pass the Overseas Operations Bill through Parliament this year. 

In its current form, the Bill will effectively decriminalise torture - as well as war crimes and crimes against humanity - if they were committed by UK personnel overseas more than 5 years ago.  

The UK and its Armed Forces have led the world in fighting against torture - and soldiers are now speaking out against the Bill. 

Add your name to make sure Ben Wallace MP, the UK Defence Secretary, updates the Bill to make sure it does not effectively decriminalise torture.

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To: Ben Wallace MP, UK Defence Secretary

We call on you to amend the Overseas Operations Bill to remove the “triple lock” against torture prosecutions and ensure that those who commit torture, war crimes and crimes against humanity can be held accountable in the UK. British forces want to lead on human rights, not get involved in abuses we all oppose. Torture has been illegal in the UK for over 300 years. We urge you to amend this bill and ensure the UK does not decriminalise torture.
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