Florida: Grant Kris Maharaj medical release

We are asking the Florida Department of Corrections to grant Kris Maharaj conditional medical release.

The Florida DOC states that a prisoner should be released if he “has a condition … which … renders [him] permanently and irreversibly physically incapacitated to the extent that [he] does not constitute a danger.

Kris Maharaj has never constituted a danger. 

He was innocent when he was charged with murder 33 years ago and then sentenced to death. Now he is 81 years old, takes 10 medications a day and uses a walker. He is still not a danger.

Kris should be home with his wife Marita. He shouldn't not be in prison facing the prospect of execution by Covid-19.

Email Dorothy Burnsed, from the Office of the General Counsel to the Florida DOC, and ask her to expedite Kris's request for conditional medical release.

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